When setting up a new HP printer on campus there needs to be an email from which the printer can send document scans to a users email address. This does not need to be a actual email address and should be created in the format xxxx@smcsc.edu. Use a name that is associated with the printers location or department that uses it. 

For example: the Walker adjunct faculty office printer has the email "walker303@smcsc.edu" as it's send from email, but this email does not have an inbox or account associated with it. It will return mail as undeliverable if the user ever tries to reply to it. 

How To Add

Each HP printer has a different web interface so it's hard to include screenshots. However the settings are usually named similarly so I here is the settings your most likely to find on any given printer.

  • Log into the printer using the standard admin credentials if necessary.
    • User: Admin or Administrator
    • Password: Extended
  • Navigate to the Scan settings
  • Look for the Scan to Email settings
    • This is usually where you will find the option to enter the Send From email address and also the SMTP server information
      • the SMTP server is

Other Tips

Another setting that can be added is the Display Name, which is the name the user will see the email coming from. This can be set independently from the Send From email address. IN our Walker example: the display name is set to "Walker ADJ Office." 

Please double check spelling of both the Send From email and the display name. This will ensure there is no confusion when the user receives the scan to their email.`