If there are new users that need the INTACT software installed on their computer, they will also have to have their AD account added as a user. There is a AD group called IntactSmart-Users that you can add the users to and this should grant them access. This however doesnt always work and in that case there is an Active Directory sync tool on the INTACT server ( that will allow you to import a user into the INTACT user database from our Active Directory.

How To Import A User

  1. Using RDP, connect to the INTACTsmart server at
  2. Once you're logged in using your AD credentials, using the shortcut on the desktop, open the IntactADImport application.
    • This can also be found at C:\Program Files (x86)\InfoDynamics\ADSync
  3. Search for the user's domain account in the Domain Users list and then click the arrow to add it to the Intact Users list on the right
  4. Click save and then click close when you're finished adding users.