Installing volume licensed Office is now done using the Microsoft Office Deployment Tool (ODT). This is a command line tool that allows you to download a particular version of Office to be installed on a machine using KMS license activation. Here are the steps to properly use the tool to install Office.

Downloading The Tool

You must download the tool from Microsoft's website on the PC you wish to run the program on. It can be directly downloaded by clicking here. You can also find a version of the tool and a pre-edited XML file in the Downloads folder on SMC4. Once downloaded, unzip the archive and you will have 4 different files available to you. Setup is the tool itself and there will be 3 other XML files which are used during the process to lay out the specifics of the Office installation.

Creating an XML file for configuration

The Office Deployment tool uses an XML configuration files to know what version of Office to install and also how often to update it and some other configurable settings. The Tool comes with 3 different configuration examples. The best thing to do is to create your own configuration files using the Office Customization tool. You can get there by clicking here. This site will walk you through all of the available options to configure the Office installation. After selecting all of your options and choosing Export, you will download a new XML file to use with the ODT.

Installing Office

  1.  Open an elevated command prompt window
  2.  Be sure to changed directory to where the ODT is located 
    • (example: cd c:\users\IT_SUPPORT\desktop)
  3.  Using the SETUP command alone will show you a list of available commands in the ODT
  4.  Use the /configure command to begin the installation. You must point to the exact location of the XML file in order for it to work properly. 
    • (example: SETUP /configure c:\users\IT_SUPPORT\desktop\configuration_SMC.xml
  5. The installer should begin and complete automatically after executing the configure command.