During Orientation Periods, the PCs in the Walker 103 lab are used by incoming students to access important financial aid information and other orientation related tasks. We push a different set of icons to the desktop of these PCs during this time using Desktop Authority. Here is how to push the icon set and also change it back to normal when orientation is over.

Pushing the Orientation IconsĀ 

  1. Log into Desktop Authority HERE using Internet Explorer
  2. Enter your AD account credentials to log in
  3. Click on "Profiles" in the top left
  4. Click on the "Computer" tab
  5. Expand the "Orientation Desktop Icons" profile
  6. Click "Application Launcher" from the list that is revealed
  7. Select "Orientation Desktop ON" and click edit. this is what you should see at this point
  8. Click the"Validation Logic" tab
  9. Select the "Validation Logic Rules" tab
  10. Click "Add"
  11. Select "Organizational Unit (Computer)" from the list on the left
  12. Click "Browse" and drill down to find the Walker 103 OU
    • Active Directory>smcsc.edu>Computers - SMC>Walker>W103
  13. Once "W103" is highlighted, click "Select"
  14. Click "Confirm"
  15. Click "Save"

From there you will need to replicate the changes you've made back to the server. In the bottom left there is a green dot that says "Replicate changed files" next to it. Click this and then select "Yes" when it asks if you're sure you want to begin the replication process. This will run a process and when it says "Replication completed successfully" you can click "Close."

Restoring the Normal Desktop Icons

The process for restoring the desktop back to it's normal state is almost exactly the same as above. The only difference is, when you get to step 7 select "Orientation Desktop OFF" instead. Continue to follow the remaining steps and make sure to replicate the changes and it will restore each computer in Walker 103 back to its default state.