When running ProPresenter 6 on a Windows 10 PC, you may experience an error when opening up the program. It will ask you to overwrite or use the current version of some files and no matter which option you select, it will freeze up the application and you'll need to close it.

How to Fix the Issue:

These are the instructions copied from the link below to fix the issue:

This issue is generally caused by a permissions issue with your Media Repository folder. Please follow these steps to reset those permissions:

1. Close ProPresenter
2. Open a new File Explorer window
3. Copy and paste the following text exactly as it's shown into the path bar: C:\ProgramData
4. Right click on the Renewed Vision Media folder and select Properties
5. Click on the Security tab, then click edit
6. For each of the names on the top half, make sure that the first box under Allow (that is, the Full Control box) is checked
7. Once all of the users are set to Allow Full Control, click OK, and close the windows that are open.

When you see the same error message, click on the check box for "Apply to All" and then click "Write Over". You will no longer see this error message when you open ProPresenter.

If this doesn't fix your issue, please follow steps 1-3 and go inside of the Renewed Vision Media folder and rename the "Images" folder to "Images-old".

You can see this solution in context at the link below.