This will be the article for all the things we need to do in Print Manager Plus.

Accessing PMP Admin Console

To access the admin console for print manager plus, connect to the print server, SMCPTSV1 using your AD account.

Import AD Users

In the admin console, click on the "add users" option. You can then search AD for a specific user or if you need to import new student accounts, use their entering year as the search term. You'll have to manually check each box next to their name and click import to pull them into the PMP database.

Reset Printing Balance at Semester Start

To reset all users back to the $20 Balance they are allotted every semester do the following:

  1. In the PMP Admin Console, navigate to the Groups tab at the top
  2. right click on StudentSecurityGroup and select Edit
  3. The balance must be changed from what it is currently set to (which is $20) so change the balance by typing $.01 and clicking the green plus icon to increment it up by a penny.
  4. Then change the balance to $20.00 and click Set. This will reset all student printing accounts to the full $20 allowance.