This will be the information on the new Resource Booking PowerApp we are using starting in January of 2020. I will be cleaning this up a bit later.

Power Apps

We have used the "Book a Room" template in Microsoft PowerApps to build this Resource Booking app. So far, the only customization done has been to add a ComboBox that's a dropdown menu with a selection of services you can request for a meeting. Then using some custom code, when the booking is submitted, the app takes the selected services and inserts them into the subject line of the calendar event that gets created. We can then use inbox rules to further alert specific people based on the selected services.

Resource Mailboxes

Each room is a resource contained within our Outlook mail system. They each have their own mailbox and calendar in order to be able to be booked by users. Each mailbox will need to have an IT staff member (Brendan as of 2020) as a full access delegate to be able to create rules for the mailbox. If there is a particular person who should be able to approve or deny meeting requests, they can be added in the Exchange admin center of Office 365.

Automatic Routing via Mailbox Rules

The system is designed to send an email to a specific person depending on which services have been selected in the Resource Booking app. This is achieved via inbox rules for each bookable room's inbox. The process of adding rules is identical to creating rules in a standard users mailbox:

  1. Log into Outlook in a web browser at
  2. Click on the icon for your username in the top right and select "Open Another Mailbox" from the drop down list
  3. Type in the name of the room you're looking to add the rule to
  4. Outlook will open the mailbox in a new browser tab
  5. Click the settings gear in the tab for the room's mailbox
  6. Search for rules and select the Inbox Rules setting
  7. Create a rule that's based on the subject line containing a specific word. Have it forward the email to whatever person is associated with that word. For instance, if the subject line contains laptop as a requested service, we want to forward that email to the email to alert the IT department that a laptop is necessary for this event.