TSA Phone Support

(864) 288-4764

Phone Default IP


Nancy Lynn IP info for the Switchboard

Port H7 on the Switch

Day/Night mode for Nancy's switchboard

*1002 Day mode

*1001 Night mode


Phone message

Change Greeting - main number

From on campus, dial 7999

From off campus, dial 864-587-4000 or 864-699-4646

Press *

Enter mailbox #, 9999 (extension/mail box)


DO NOT PRESS 1 @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

Follow prompts for day and night main greetings



1 (day)

2 (night)

3 (temporary)

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ – ip to get to console from IE


To change time use writedatetime


The <day-of-week> qualifier is a number between 1 and 7 where

1 = Monday 2 = Tuesday 3 = Wednesday 4 = Thursday 5 = Friday 6 = Saturday 7 = Sunday

If the new time is more than 30 minutes ahead of the current time, the ESM session will automatically log out (the new time is saved).

Use the readdatetime command to confirm the change.

To look at forwarding use FEATURE in maint commands (LOCATE FEATURE)


Forward calls

Call Forward

Call Forward lets you redirect incoming calls to an alternate number.You can

select one of the following forwarding options:

~ Always redirects all incoming calls regardless of the state of your telephone.

~ B–Int redirects internal calls when your telephone is busy.

~ B–EXt redirects external calls when your telephone is busy.

~ NA–Int redirects internal calls after several rings if you don't answer.

~ NA–Ext redirects external calls after several rings if you don't answer.

Note: For information about "I'm Here?", see Call Forward – Remote.

To program Call Forward:

1. Press ( SUPERKEY Grey/Blue key).

2. Press # or the No softkey until "Call Forwarding?" appears.

3. Press * or the Yes softkey .

4. Press # or the Next softkey until the type of Call Forward that you want to set up appears (see above).

5. On a 5224 IP Phone only, press the Review softkey.

6. If a number is already programmed, press * or the Change softkey.

7. Press * or the Program softkey .

8. Dial the destination number.

If you make an error while dialing, press * or the <— softkey to correct errors.

9. Press ( DOWN ) or the Save softkey.

Call forwarding

to make a one button call forward, program a button on the phone to be call forward (call forward always) using the console software . Once the button is set up, then on the phone go thru the steps above using the super key to set the number to be forwarded to. Then just press the button that was programmed to toggle the call forward on/off. The button will light up when “turned on”.

Easy forward - Pick up the handset, press #3 then the extension number to forward to (use 7999 to forward to voice mail.) To cancel, pick up handset, press *3 and hang up. If the forward is still on, a stutter dial tone will sound when handset is picked up.

*2 is I am here – do this when you are at another phone and want calls to come to you. Can only be cancelled from the phone that was forwarded, not the one forwarded to. Press *2 and your ext from the phone you want calls to go to. Press *2 from your own phone to cancel.

*3 is follow me (forward) – do this before you leave your phone. Press *3 and the number to forward to (voice mail is 7999). Press *3 without an ext from your phone to cancel. 

to page another phone - *55

to set call forwarding from the switch commands – Users and Devices/Advanced Configuration/Call Forwarding Profile. Create a new profile or change existing one. Enter options. Enable or disable as needed.

Switchboard info

If the console is not working, use the phone that is set up for ext 1005 and press *1002 to put the phone system in emergency routing so calls will go to that phone instead of the console. This will make the message play for incoming calls. To put the phone in “night”, press *1001, then back to “day-emergency” by pressing *1002 in the morning. Regular “day” service is *1000.

The 1005 extension phone has the 3 top buttons programmed to check messages on this phone. Password is 1111. To check from another phone, dial 7999 (vm access), * (to get to another mailbox), 0 (mailbox ext), 1111 (password).


Assigning a new extension to a phone when the phone set is first put into use, after the set up is done , enter **1 then the extension number, press superkey (grey/blue key) to register new number on phone in last step


On 5224 phones, the buttons are numbered right to left, not straight up the side. Lower right hand is prime, then on the left side bottom is #2, right side is #3, left side id #4, etc.

Century Link support 800-524-5249 circuit ID DS1-3341315 long distance service (opt 1,4) long distance code problems 5, x

Chris Boulbol – service manager- Qwest as of 8-23-2008 – call only if can’t get service otherwise 877-304-6330


Phone extension numbers

587-4000 - 4399 400 numbers

587-4500 – 4599 100 numbers

No 4400

A Group of 100 numbers from each of the 5 DID groups below below :







699-4630 (group of 20)

278 exchange

278-5820 through 5829

278-5830 through 5839

278-5840 through 5849

278-5850 through 5859

278-5860 through 5869

278-5870 through 5879

278-5880 through 5889

278-5890 through 5899

278-5900 through 5909

278-5910 through 5919

278-5920 through 5929

278-5930 through 5939

278-5940 through 5949

278-5950 through 5959

278-5960 through 5969

150 numbers (278-5820- 5969)

864-278-5970 through 5989 20 numbers

864-278-6270 thru 6369 100 numbers


I have attached a cut sheet that will show 9 new native numbers.

864-754-4951 to 864-754-4959

You currently have a total of 791 DID’s assigned on your trunk group. We assigned 9 new numbers to fulfill the total 800 that you have. The TN’s will be active for you by Friday 3/8 as well.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you!

Lorie Merwin | Project Manager | GovEd Project Management

704-206-2322 (O) | 704-942-6895 (M)

9300 Arrowpoint Blvd |Charlotte, NC 28273


The extra 1 number is 864-327-8168


To add licenses for IP phones:

Use form License and Option Selection

Click Change

Click Retrieve Licenses

As of 6-28-2012 there are 75 IP User Licenses

As of 9-11-2012 115 licenses

Added 12 licenses 5-13-2013 - 127 total

Added 12 licenses 9-13-2013 139 total

Added 10 licenses 3-20-2016 149 total (TSA)

Once you have ran a Retrieve License, you will see the total in the Purchased go up. The Available for Allocation should show the amount that you have purchased. You will have to change the Locally Allocated to add the license so they can be used. So if you have 44 Locally Allocated and 10 Available for Allocation, you will have to change the Locally Allocated to 54.

Online Licensing with the Application Management Center

Application Record ID: 78131345


International calling:

From: Lashley, Michelle M [mailto:Michelle.Lashley@charter.com] Sent: Friday, March 03, 2017 8:49 AM To: Arrington, Trey <arringtont@smcsc.edu> Cc: Pokora Jr, Robert W <Robert.Pokora@charter.com> Subject: RE: International Calling

Good Morning Mr. Arrington,

I have removed the international calling block from your account. Please allow 24 hours for this to process in our system.

Please click on the link below for international calling rates. You will be able to select a country and review current rates.