Open SQL Mgt Studio

Login with your AD account

Click Open - Then use this database file

See here that the Term is set for this Fall FA20 (you can see a list of Terms by highlighting --"select * from TermCalendar" then press the Execute button)

Set this to the current date year month day

Scroll down - Make sure this is set to the current year

Execute this whole file

Navigate on the left to here


Scroll down to this View (right click and choose Design)

Make sure this matches the same date you put as the NetworkUserName up top

Click this button to run this view. NOW EXIT by clicking X. Click Yes to save

It should now show a record of the new students.



Authenticate - use your AD account - OK

Open Database - the information should already be here from setup - OK

Click Validate

Click Start - this should successfully pull the new students into AD. It will let you know if it's successful or has errors.