There may be situations where you want to grant special access to a quiz. This could include alternate dates, an extended time limit, or increasing the number of attempts a student is allowed. This guide shows how to provide those accommodations.


After you have created a quiz in D2L Brightspace, you will be able to locate the Special Access tool in the Restrictions tab of Quizzes.


1) At the bottom of the Restrictions tab, click Add Users to Special Access.


2) Indicate a change of dates. If you wish to allow a student alternate dates, you enter those here.


3) Allowing more time. You have two options in this area.

  • You can remove the time limit, and display a Recommended Length of time. With this option the student will encounter no restrictions, but will still see a timer.
  • You can also allow a longer time limit, such as time-and-a-half.


4) Increasing the number of attempts. This option allows a student with special access to have more attempts. If you choose this option and click Apply, you will be presented with the option to require a minimum and/or maximum score the student will be required to achieve in order to gain their additional attempt(s). You can ignore this.


5) Once you have chosen your Special Access criteria, you will choose the students that are receiving special access.


6) When you are done adding students, select Add Special Access when you are finished.