Judy's video on importing:


INSTRUCTIONS: https://support.omnilert.com/hc/en-us/articles/115008226847


  1. Open the Crystal Reports report:

    C:\Users\stimpsonaad\Spartanburg Methodist College\mySMC - IT Files\AaronFiles\Systems-Shortcuts\E2Campus\Create E2Campus users.rpt

    1. Check the expiration date and then, if needed, adjust to 4 years out. It may already be set.
      1. Click the X-1 button > drill down Formula Fields > click on Expire Date > change the # to 4 > Close out. Check the expire date in the spreadhseet.
    2. Next, Click the refresh button (looks like a recycle symbol). Change date: example: "FA20 to current Term" - PASSWORD: reports
  2. When exporting use these settings:

  3. Delete empty Columns and Rows and last row because it's just a number.

  4. Save the spreadsheet as a plain CSV.

  5. Log in to e2Campus using the admin url https://smcsc.omnilert.net/admin/#tools.php?command=user_import 
  6. Click Tools.
  7. Click Subscriber Import.
  8. Click Browse and select the import file created from the crystal report export.
  9. Click Upload File.


You will receive a notification email when the file has been uploaded.  The email will show any errors and how many were added.














To cleanup student users


  1. Log in with admin url
  2. Click Tools.
  3. Click Export.
  4. Click Subscriber Information.
  5. Click Subscribers in group (toward the bottom of the list) and select Students from the dropdown.  This could also be used for other group cleanup.
  6. Click Begin export. Click Yes.
  7. Click Downloads from the left hand menu.
  8. Click the filename and then click the Download file button.  Open the file.
  9. A comparison between the export file and the import file will have to be done.
    1. Combine both spreadsheets.
  1. Select the cells you want to check for duplicates.

    Note: Excel can’t highlight duplicates in the Values area of a PivotTable report.

  2. Click Home > Conditional Formatting > Highlight Cells Rules > Duplicate Values.

    Highlight cell rules

  3. In the box next to values with, pick the formatting you want to apply to the duplicate values, and then click OK.

    Duplicate Values dialog box

4. Sort by color to bottom.

5. Delete highlighted.

  1. Students not in the import file will need to have a delete record entry in a .csv file, which can be imported back to e2Campus using the import process.
  2. The format is delete_user,username.  One student per line.


 DO THE SAME THING FOR STAFF AND FACULTY using Ad Mgr to run a report.




To complete the registration for the E2Campus alert notification system, please follow the instructions below.


  1.  Browse to www.smcsc.edu.


  1. Mouse over CURRENT STUDENTS above the green bar in top menu and select E2Campus Alert from the CAMPUS SAFETY column.


  1. Read the instructions on the page.  


  1. Scroll down to find the Username and Password boxes.  Enter your username, which is the same username used to log in to the network and your email.  Use only the name part.  You do not have to add the “@smcsc.edu” part.  The initial password is password. If you have previously logged in to e2Campus, use the password you set up at that time.  If you have forgotten your password, click the Forgot password? link under the Password box and you will receive an email with a random password to use to log in. Click the Login button.


  1. Click Account.   This is where you need to change your username if this is the first time you have logged in or have used the Forgot password link.
  1. Enter your current password, which is password initially or the random one from the Forgot password link.  
  2. Enter a new password.  
  3. Enter the new password again to verify.  
  4. Click Update.


  1.  Click Services.  Your SMC email address has been added already.  You may add additional notification methods such as text messages, voice messages, and additional email addresses.  You may also delete notification methods from this page.
  1. Enter your phone number that can receive text messages.  Select the carrier for that number.  Click Add SMS.  It will display “unvalidated”.  You will receive a text message with a code in the body of the message.  Enter that code into the Validation Code box on the web page.  The number in the subject is not the code to use.  Use the one in the body of the text message.  Click Validate.  
  2. Enter the additional email address.  Click Add Email.  It will display “unvalidated”. You will receive an email that you must reply to in order for the email address to be active.  Simply open the email, click reply without making any changes, and click send.   
  3. Enter the phone number for voice mail.  Click Add Voice.
  4. You may also click Follow Us On Twitter if you Tweet.


  1. Click Logout.