What to do when your video in Brightspace is stuck in a processing state (with the gears animation).  


A screenshot of a "gears processing" animation, indicating that a video is still processing


Problem: You’ve added a video to Brightspace and the icon representing the video is stuck in the “processing” animation.


Solution: The first thing you should do is wait—if you haven’t waited very long. The processing time for videos uploaded to Kaltura can vary during times of heavy demand. During peak usage processing can take hours for longer videos. Check Kaltura Upload status here to see if upload times are stalled.


If you’ve already waited for a while (for example, overnight), then we recommend trying to upload the media again if you can.

  • For media you’ve uploaded yourself, upload the media again.
  • For Kaltura Capture videos, attempt to re-upload the video. (You can find instructions on how to do this in the troubleshooting article, how to reupload Kaltura Capture recordings.)


For this reason, this is why Kaltura Capture is the preferred method of video recording. A copy of the video is usually saved the locally with Kaltura Capture, but not with Express Capture, which is web-based.


Get Help

If you need additional help figuring out how to resolve the issue, or if the video you originally uploaded never stops processing and you want it removed from My Media, send an email to support@smcsc.edu or fill out a help desk ticket.


In your request, tell us the title of the video you are having trouble with.