There are a variety of reasons why your students may be having trouble submitting Kaltura video assignments. You may notice that students are submitting files other than video files, or they cannot submit a video file using the Insert Stuff button without also submitting a file, resulting in the following error message:

Try any or all of the following solutions, and email if none of these work for you.

Solution #1: Check Submission File Type

This problem usually stems from the way the assignment is set up. Students can only submit Kaltura video assignments using the Insert Stuff button, which is available on the textbox.

That is why it’s so crucial that you select the right submission options for a video assignment. If you want students to record a presentation and submit that through an assignment (assignment tool), you need to select the “Text Submission” for the submission type. That way, students can access the Insert Stuff button to submit their video for grading.

If you don’t, it will default to “File Submission,” so the Add a File button will be the only option to submit work. Videos won’t be an option under Add a File (it will look for Word docs and PDFs). Students will receive the error message: “There were 1 error(s) found in the information you submitted: You must select at least one file.”

Solution #2: Offer a Workaround for Video Submission

Once a student has submitted an assignment on Brightspace, you can’t change the file submission settings. You will need to either create a new assignment with the right settings or offer a workaround for students, which can be found at time stamp 3:35 in the Submitting Video Assignments on D2L Brightspace tutorial.

Solution #3: Share the Kaltura On-Demand Training Videos with Students

If your students don’t know how to create videos with Kaltura or submit them, point them to the Kaltura Basics for Students, an on-demand training video series.

You can also embed these training videos throughout your course and inside the assignments by finding the videos under the Shared Repository tab.

Get Help

If none of these solutions work for you, send an email to or fill out a help desk ticket and include the following information:

  • Which browsers you or your student used to access video content
  • What things you or your student have done to troubleshoot
  • If you're submitting on behalf of a student, we need their name and the course title and section