Students can only submit Kaltura video assignments using the Insert Stuff button, which is available on the textbox.

That is why it’s so crucial that you select the right submission options for a Kaltura video assignment. If you want students to record a presentation and submit that through an assignment (assignment tool), you need to select the “Text Submission” for the submission type. That way, students can access the Insert Stuff button to submit their video for grading.

1. Go to Assignments on the NavBar.

2. Create a new assignment or edit an assignment.

3. Scroll down to Submission, Completion, and Categorization.

4. Press the dropdown menu under Submission type and select Text submission.

5. Press Save and Close.

Now students will be able to access the Insert Stuff button to insert video content from Kaltura. They can also insert files such as documents to go along with their videos. To learn how students submit Kaltura video assignments, read this tutorial or watch this video.

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