You can the Office suite to create, edit, and collaborate on files from your Chromebook. The Office apps should already be downloaded to your SMC-issued Chromebook.


When using your Chromebook, it’s important to remember that you must always choose to open files in Microsoft Office, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. By default, your Chromebook will open files in the browser using Google tools.

How to Download Files from Brightspace and Submit Files Back to Brightspace


  • Navigate to your course in Brightspace and find the assignment where the file is located. 



  • Click the file name, which will prompt the download of the file. On the Download Manager window, press Show in Folder.


  • In the Downloads folder, right-click the file. Click Open With and select Word. By default, the file will open in Google Docs, which you don’t want.



  • Press the down arrow to open up the Microsoft Word toolbar.


  • The file is probably read-only so you must press Save a Copy to make changes to the file.



  • Select the folder where you want to save the folder. By default, it will save to your OneDrive. If you’d like to access the file from your device, choose the This Device option.


  • Now that the file is saved to your device, you can now submit the file on Brightspace. Navigate to your assignment on Brightspace and press the name of the assignment.



  • Click Add a File.


  • Click My Computer and press Upload.



  • Locate the file on your device then press Add.



  • Verify that you uploaded the right file. Press Submit.