ReadSpeaker TextAid for Chrome is a Chrome extension which speech-enables web pages, Google Docs, and Microsoft Word Online pages in the Google Chrome browser. It also provides writing assistance tools for Google Docs and Microsoft Word Online pages.

To add the extension to your browser, go to ReadSpeaker TextAid for Chrome in the Google Chrome store and click the 'Add to Chrome' button.

The extension will be added and you will see the ReadSpeaker icon on your Chrome toolbar. Clicking this icon will display a toolbox, including a player and several feature buttons. The toolbox will remain active until you click on the close button.

  1. After you install the extension, you must activate your ReadSpeaker account.
  2. Go to the Brightspace homepage and press ReadSpeaker TextAid from the NavBar.
  3. Navigate to any website and press the Extension button on Chrome to launch ReadSpeaker TextAid.

See the attached PDF for more detailed instructions.