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Properties of the LMS

This meeting is to review the IT onboarding technical requirements for Bookstore Adoptions Portal ( AIP) and SIS export onboarding.

Please extend the invitation to all needed IT staff who handle SSO and SIS functions. Their assistance is needed with this process.  You may also need your LMS administrator for future calls but not for the initial kickoff.

This call will be recorded via our Zoom conference call system.



Product Informational Videos

Faculty Intro Video:

Administrator Intro Video:

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3/24 IT Kick Off Call Notes


  • Pubkey- Judy to provide for SFTP connection by EOD 3/26
  • Judy is pulling SIS files together.
  • School to provide historical data for following terms:  Fall '20 and Spring '21
  • Under enrollments file active and estimated enrollment are in same field on school's end. Typically # used to source materials. Charles/Chelsea to confirm. At this time, default to "0"


  • Saad to provide Aaron:
    • Attributes that BNC will set statically 
  • Aaron to provide Saad:
    • metadata URL
    • Two Test Accounts (1 student and 1 faculty)
  • Link placement discussion



  • Whitelisting
    • Test email- send to Toni Bennett
    • The Adoptions Insights Portal requires the following email whitelisting:

domain at IP Addresses and/or

Below are the email IPs that schools will need to whitelist as part of the FDC onboarding process: 


email address 

Whitelisted email and IPs in Exchange Legacy view