Getting Started









1.   Visit

2.    Click on the Download button.

3.    Open the downloaded file “”

4.   If you have a 32 bit version of Windows, drag the folder “32-Bit” to your desktop. If you have a 64 bit version of Windows, drag the folder “64-Bit” to your desktop. If you do not know which version you have:

a.  Click start

b.   Right Click “My Computer” and click “Properties”

c.   In the “System” section you will see an item called “System Type”. It will say either 32-Bit or 64- Bit


5.    Open the folder you unzipped to the desktop.

 6.   Run “setup.exe”

 7.   If you get an Open File – Security Warning Click Run

8.    In the “Select Setup Language” window, select the language you want and click “OK”

9.   In the new window that pops up click Next.

11. In the Next window, keep the default folder name and click Next.

12. In the next window, click Install.

13. Click OK in the pop up that appears.

14. Click OK in the second pop up that appears.

 15. Click Finish in the Install window.

 16. Find the little white globe in the system tray. The system tray is the area with icons next to the clock in the start menu. Right click the white globe and click show.


17. In the Fax File Cabinet window click the Settings button.


18. Fill out the new window EXACTLY as it was filled out for you on the email you received from ITS. a.   Populate the top section with your Name, Company, Email Address and Fax number. This

information will be displayed on any cover page if you choose to add one to an outgoing fax. b.    In the Authorization section, enter your account information that was given to you when you

signed up for the ITS Fax service. (Username and Password in email from ITS) Then click the save button.






19. Close the Fax File Cabinet window.



20. If you had to disable an Anti-virus or Anti-malware application to get the drivers installed, please make sure to re-enable these applications







Print to Fax

*IMPORTANT NOTE* The ITS Print to Fax function is not compatible with Mac computers, only PC’s.

1.    From the application that you’ve created the document that you want to fax, select File-> Print






2.    Select the Internet Fax printer from the list of printers



3.   Select OK to print the document























4.    Enter in the recipient information and Click Add Recipient





5.   After you click Add Recipient, your recipient will be added to the list. (The “1” will automatically be

added to the phone number after adding recipient to the list)
















6.   Add another if you want by entering info for another recipient and clicking Add Recipient


















7.   Add a cover page by clicking the ‘Cover Page’ button.







8. Select one of the 3 cover page types.

            a.  Click on ‘Text On Coverpage’ to fill out data for cover page
































9. Input information that you want to be put on the cover page.

             a.   Click on the OK button to save






10. To send your fax, click ‘Send’.




11. Note this screen which confirms that the system has received your fax and is attempting to send.





12. To see your fax file cabinet (queue of faxes), click on the world icon on your computer’s tool bar.


























13. This shows your fax waiting to be sent. You can keep this open to see when your fax is successfully sent by the system to your recipient, or you can close it and wait for your email confirmation.




14. This screen confirms your fax was successfully sent. You will also receive an email confirmation.






















15. The queue screen also shows that the fax was successfully sent










































Receiving Fax


1.   Faxes will be delivered to your inbox as an attachment to an email.































2.   Click on attachment to open fax.



3.   NOTE: DO NOT REPLY to email, the fax sender will not receive your response.


4.   Receiving faxes to email allows for

 a.   Greater privacy

b.   Improved method of storing and tracking faxes