Sent a GoToAssist link to Gina in Teams. 

I did a test email to to make sure the emails are going through.

She's getting the All Staff emails to her inbox.

She did receive the test email to her inbox, but not to the Group folder that she previously had setup for All Staff.

The last messages she had in the Group folder for All Staff was back in Jan 2021. 

I checked her rules in Outlook, but did not see a rule set for her previous All Staff group box.

I set an Outlook rule, in her Outlook, for any emails from All Staff to go to a new All Staff subfolder under her inbox.

I have included the attached screenshots, from the remote session, showing where the rule is now set for new emails from All Staff to show under the All Staff subfolder.

Gina confirmed she was all set.

INC-15876:All Staff Group Messages aren't loading