Deploying an image

  1. Plug computer up to ethernet (if laptop, it is suggested to plug up to power source as well)
  2. Start the computer and mash the BIOS boot key (Usually F12 or ESC)
    1. Make sure at this step that the secure boot is off and the legacy boot is on. If secure is on, the image might not take to the computer correctly. If legacy is not on, with some computers PXE boot will not show up
  3. Once on the boot screen, select PXE boot, boot from ethernet, or boot from IPv4. This option can be different for many computers
  4. After a few moments, there will be a prompt to enter the Win server, follow the on-screen prompt to either press F12 or ENTER
  5. Click next to select your language
  6. There will be a login screen where you will enter your FULL ADMIN EMAIL
  7. From here it will ask what image you want to deploy. Select the image you want to deploy and click next
  8. Once the image is selected it will take you to the drive selection screen. From here, you want to format the PRIMARY hard drive. **BE AWARE, this will erase everything on this computer! Be sure that there is nothing of importance before starting this process!**
  9. When the drive is done being formatted, select the PRIMARY drive and click next
  10. From here, the computer will communicate with the server and install windows and the image to the computer. This can take anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes. This process can also be done in tandem with multiple computers as long as they all stay connected to an ethernet port. 
  11. Once the image is loaded, the computer will restart and boot to OOBE (Out of box experience)
  12. From OOBE you will need to set the computer up for use manually. Click next until you get to the "Enter your account info" screen
  13. Click "Domain join instead" at the bottom of the screen
  14. For the name enter "IT_Support"
  15. For the password enter "Amigo27Flag"
  16. For each of the security questions, select anyone and for the answer make it either "Password1" or simply "P"
  17. It will ask a few more questions that can be ignored, just keep clicking next until it tells you that Windows is getting ready
  18. After loading for a bit, the desktop should show up and the computer should be ready for deployment!
    1. If the sound is not working or the display seems off this means there are some drivers that still need to be installed. Hit the Windows key and open "Check for Updates." Let the updates run and this should fix any issues. If this does not fix it, go into "Device Manager" and make sure all the drivers are installed properly. 

Creating an image